Shadowforce Prime

Mission #1 - Fashion Victims

Atlas played by Paul
Circe played by Han Kit
Donut played by Sze How
Echo played by Wen Hau


Mission Summary


Mission Success Rate:-

  • Bring Kamenev to Justice – Success
  • Prevent Nerve Gas from being released – FAILED
  • Capture Kamenev’s men for questioning – FAILED
  • Prevent damage to public property – FAILED
  • Recover the nerve gas formula – FAILED

I am going to die surrounded by the most useless spies in the espionage industry – Donut

Mission Log

Our Agents, went to meet Agent Que, who provided them with some standard equipment for this list, plus fulfilled a special request by Circe, which was to have a company credit card.

Scene #1 – Arriving at Plaza Athenee Hotel

Upon arriving at Plaza Athenee, the party violated the most sacred rule ever, “NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY”.

Donut waited in the Car, while Circe went to the receptionist for Inquiry with Echo following behind to find out which room is Eric staying in. Atlas was at the Lobby keeping an eye on things. Upon getting the information from the receptionist, Circe and Echo met with Eric Sienski, and learnt that Russian Mafia boss, Alexie Kamenev in the Penthouse above, and his plan to purchase nerve gas from someone called Andre Gauthier. What is worst that Kamenev demands a live demonstration of the gas today at 3pm. The agents try to convince Eric to come with them but Eric says that he is going to slip back into the mafia ranks as they don’t suspect him yet. To earn the Agent’s trust, Eric agrees to wear a wire, so the agents can hear the situation

The agents update each other on the situation. Circe and Echo went to the bar purchased the most expensive wine, and pretended to be a drunk lesbian couple going up to the penthouse. Their cover story was they got drunk and started pressing random buttons. Circe and Echo arrived at the Penthouse got caught by Alexie Kamenev and his bodyguard but manage to convince him to let them go by promising him a good time later.

Alexie Kamenev and his bodyguard leave the Penthouse, Echo follows them to the hotel’s restaurant and proceeds to keep an eye on him. Circe and Atlas break into the Penthouse while they have the chance and found out that Kamenev left his wallet on the desk, and Echo warns them the bodyguard has left the restaurant, most likely coming back to take the wallet.

Donut finds out Kamenev car is, and plants a bomb under it. Donut also checks out the lobby of the hotel and study some pamphlets. He discovers there is a fashion show happening down town and tons of VIPs going to be there.

Agents get caught hiding in the Penthouse ( due to me rolling high for the bodyguard’s search skill ) and battle breaks out. Atlas manages to injure Kamenev’s bodyguard, but Circe double taps him ( with his own gun ). Agents leave with Kamenve’s wallet. Back the the restaurant, Kamenev gets a phone call ( Echo who is near by only manages to hear the parts Kamenev speaks )

Kamenev mosts to his car, and drives away, the agents try to activate the bomb which was planted by Donut, but realize that Kamenev took a different car. The Agents put the clues together. With a successful education check( and the help of Google on smartphones ), the agents recognize the words, “visionary breath of desire” as the slogan for Thierry St. Martin’s new fragrance, Voracious, which is scheduled to make its world debut at the company’s new product rollout — at 2pm today, in 1hour 30 minutes. The company is also known for its well publicized, exclusive contracts with celebrity spokespersons, many of whom are will be on site at the rollout

The agents, acquire a ride from the hotel ( using the money from Kamenev’s wallet ). They get stuck in traffic but still manage to reach in time ( at 1.30pm ) before the product roll out

Scene #2 – Let the show be interrupted

Circe manages to bluff her way into the fashion show while Donut and Atlas use the invitation which was taken along side Kamenev’s wallet ( had 2 only ). Echo becomes a moron and climbs the roof of the building. Donut manages to sneak into the toilet and prepare to create a distraction ( by making a small bomb and exploding it ). This goes badly as someone assaults him while he was making his bomb, he does managed to knock him out cold

The Agents still didn’t manage to find the contaminated perfume cans, and Andre Gautheir activates his plan B ( since the agents didn’t kill him in the first scene and also made their presence known he prepared a small bomb to release the nerve gas ). Andre detonates his nerve gas bomb. Panic is created and everyone is running out, Donut detonates his bomb to create a make shift escape for the agents

- Echo needs to escape the roof top she is on so she swings down and regroups with the group. The Agents receive intel from the agency that Kamenev was sported at his private Yatch and getting ready to leave. The Agents head to a nearby TV-station to “rent” a helicopter. ( They also promises the newspaper reporter a story of her life time )

Scene #3 : The Aurora Vale

- The Agents arrive and decide their best option is to blow up the Yatch that Kamenev is on

- Successfully blew up the Yatch and captured him alive.



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