Shadowforce Prime

Mission #2 - Where the Lion Sleeps Tonight

Nicholas as Donut
Paul as Atlas
Nixon as JoJo
Philemon as Nemesis


Mission Briefing



The Agents get a call help a diplomat in the city of Windhoek, all the way in Africa. This mission is tricky as the agents may only bring small items into the mission zone via diplomatic baggage. Our agents, took standard safari gear, small weapons, and some local currency in case they need to procure any additional gear locally.

Scene #1 – Into Africa

The agents arrive in Windhoek and choose to gather more info at the local embassy. At the embassy they talked to the diplomat, Holger Beckmann who requested the agency’s help in the first place. They learn nothing new but are advise to go meet the chief of police to learn more details of the crime.

Atlas and JoJo went to confirm the Chief of Police, Patrick Muwambe at the station and learn that there was a witness name Herr Dieter Hehsemann who saw the kidnapping happen and report. On the way out of the station, they are approached by Frau Anke Wiese. Anke is outraged about the general media’s coverage of the kidnapping, which blames the incident on the escalating conflict between the Himba people and the central government of President Sam Nujoma over the Epupa Falls power station project. Wiese feels strongly that this is ridiculous. She knows the Himba to be a very traditional and kindly people who excel at surviving with the scarce resources provided by the desert. In her opinion, all these unfortunate tribesmen are guilty of is falling victim to a government that doesn’t allow them to live the life they choose. She speculates that the government might have prompted the incident in order to produce leverage to use against the Himba, speeding up the economically important project, but since she doesn’t have any evidence, She does offer to take the agents to meet the Himba people but they declined and choose to go and talk to Hehsemann first.

At Hehsemann apartment, just Atlas goes in and interview Hehsemann, an ascetic white, dark brown-haired man of 35 years of age, Hehsemann has a nervous tick: when confronted directly, his left eye begins to twitch. He claims to have seen the girls disappear into an alley, followed by a 90s-model white Toyota all-terrain vehicle. The car’s four passengers looked to be members of the Himba tribe, a backward sect living to the northwest. Hehsemann identified them by their slender build and the elongated shape of their heads, claiming after 30 years in the bush he could “smell the origin of a native, if need be”. After Hehsemann heard a car accelerating in the alley, he went to have a look and spotted the same car speeding away and disappearing around a corner. The girls were nowhere to be seen, but could have exited the alley, so Hehsemann wasn’t immediately suspicious. But when the Allgemeine Zeitung reported the girls missing, Hehsemann remembered the incident and immediately went to the police.

The team hints that they might travel north to the Himba, Hehsemann offers to act as their guide, claiming to know experienced hunters who can help. The price he demands is not outrageous, but rather stiff — a flat fee of $2,000 for the entire trip. Reluctantly the agents agree to this price and agreed to depart as soon as possible,

Scene #2 – Hunted

Far off the beaten path, Hehsemann leads the agents to a group of experienced hunters, though discreet investigation reveals them to be poachers. The agents however choose to rest the night and not do anything as they believe this is just a pit stop before the Himba camp.


During the night, the agents awake to an empty camp, blood soaking the tents to attract roaming lions, supposedly providing the cover-up for a “tragic hunting accident.” The agents
mange to kill off the lions and survive. They find their off-road vehicle sabotaged. Fortunately, the agents manage to catch one of poachers and force them to talk. They poachers shows the agents to their boss encampment where he is keeping the girls hostage.

Scene #3: Rescue


The agents reach the Bandit’s hideaway, following directions from the captured poacher. The bandits’ hideaway is a paramilitary base nestled in an old, long dried-out confluence of the Okavango River, called ‘serpent valley’ in the local language.

Nemesis tries to dress up as one of the guards and sneak in, however he failed to realize he doesn’t speak German like the other guards, and was gunned down.

JoJo takes a risk by allowing herself to be captured ( without weapons ) and taken to the boss, there she manages to disarm the boss, free the 2 girls, why Atlas and Donut clear the minions outside.



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