Shadowforce Prime

Mission #4 - Facing Facts


You’re pulled from the field and summoned to the home office at Control’s behest. You’ve worked with this regional commander before, and know he’s not the type to withdraw
field team without reason.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he begins, “you may be familiar with a recent Australian mission to determine the source of a hack targeting our computer system — indeed, some of you may
have taken part. Thanks to the data and human intelligence recovered after that mission, we have reason to believe that an as-yet-unidentified criminal organization seeks to upload
a virus to the primary computer server for the New York Stock Exchange.

“This virus has been programmed to invert bid and sell orders, causing untold chaos as part of some greater plot. The organization didn’t tell the hacker when they planned to use
the program, but fortunately for us, he’s the paranoid sort and built a back door option into the code. He’s offered to track its use in exchange for amnesty.

“We need you to go in on the ground and find the virus before it’s unleashed. We can get you a starting position and R&D will provide you with a device to track the program
within 20 ft. once you’re in the area. “We also need you to learn all you can about our new foes. We have a feeling that we’re only seeing part of a very dark picture here.

“Until we know more about the enemy, this operation must remain strictly low-key. You are forbidden from daytime operations and you must take every precaution against
alerting anyone to your presence — even if it means keeping the enemy quiet as well. No police, no witnesses. We need this assignment to remain absolutely inside the family. Are
we clear?”



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